Zayt's Story

Food brings us together in a way few other things can. But there are many families who do not get that joy, and there are millions of children who have to go hungry on a daily basis.

When I was a child, every great meal at our house started with a drop of fresh olive oil in a pan. In our family and millions across the world, olive oil meant great food, family, and memories. It even started my love of cooking, and at a young age I spent nights practicing in my kitchen until I’d finally learned a recipe that I could proudly share with my family.

I created Zayt for two reasons. The first was to celebrate the culture of olive oil, and the simple joy of cooking with delicious, healthy, pure olive oil that hasn’t been processed in a factory. By farming and milling our olives locally in California, we help preserve the tradition of handcrafted EVOO that enhances any meal you make.

The second reason? To help children who don’t have the luxury of knowing where their next meal is coming from.  That’s why 10% of every sale of Zayt goes to partner charities that help feed hungry children across the world. By helping provide healthy meals and nutritional education, we hope to make it so that more families can build their own memories and traditions-- sitting down at a table to share a meal with the ones they love.

And as our sales increase? So will the percentage of our profit that goes to these charities.