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Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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100% Extra-Virgin, first cold-pressed unrefined. 500 ML/16.90 oz

This is a bottle of pure bliss: as premium and fresh as EVOO gets. Our extra-virgin olive oil is made from award-winning Californian Olives, freshly milled during each yearly harvest. Say goodbye to trying to figure out which olive oil is pure, still maintaining it's flavor, and antioxidant qualities. 

Using our special cold-pressed centrifuge extraction method, this Extra Virgin Olive Oil is exceptionally pure--and indeed virgin.

Tasting Notes: mild and buttery EVOO. 

Uses: very multi-purpose and multi-palatable. A great “everyday” oil, with fruit forward flavors and a smooth peppery finish. Wonderful all-purpose oil. Great for eggs in the morning, paninis at lunch and sautéed vegetables at dinnertime, drizzled over soups or dipping a big chunk of baguette

  • Certified 100% EVOO by the California Olive Oil Council (COOC)
  • nonGMO, Raw, Gluten Free